SMTP Server Software


P25PowerMTA™: SMTP Server Software is laser-focused on outbound email deliverability.  It is used by over 75% of leading, standard and cloud-based ESPs.  When evaluating PowerMTA™ you’ll discover it’s rich feature set and simplifed configuration. Find out why it’s the leading email delivery solution powering today’s most demanding senders:
Immediate benefits to your organization include:

  • Easy installation, configuration and set-up
  • Infrastructure of Choice for Cloud-based Enterprises
  • Established Support for DKIM, SPF, and DMARC
  • Advanced mail stream processing
  • Granular Delivery Policy Controls
  • VirtualMTA™ Technology
  • Client-driven product management
  • Superior message throughput
  • Valued technology partner
  • Best support staff in the Industry
  • Extremely scalable
  • Monitors and Preserves IP/Domain Reputation in Real-Time

Evaluate Today and find out why leading companies such as Turner Broadcasting, NY Times, ExactTarget, Forbes, Living Social, and Responsys chose PowerMTA™ to maximize their email delivery! Recognized in well over 90 countries worldwide.

PowerMTA™: Over 4000 Installations Worldwide