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This wizard will allow you to easily create a public and private key pair to be used for DomainKeys & DKIM signing within PowerMTA. The key pair will be used for both DomainKeys & DKIM.


Discover features in PowerMTA that help you adopt email authentication including support for DKIM, Yahoo’s DomainKeys and Microsoft’s Sender ID.


Recently the IETF DKIM Working Group concluded discussion pertaining to Email Authentication. For Email Authentication this was a major win as DKIM shows much promise to help ISPs better understand where a message originated and to help determine such benefits as the potential of recognizing and establishing a protocol for domain reputation.

Sender authentication is a critical technology that will help solve several of acute problems with email today, including fraud, spam and false positives. Since email authentication standards tend to change frequently, Port25 Solutions, has been at the forefront providing insight as a technology vendor to determine its effectiveness at combating spam.

Port25’s leadership role has helped make sender authentication a reality by actively participating in the standards development efforts and by being first with product offerings that help make it easy for legitimate senders to adopt email authentication.

To ensure maximum delivery and to help separate legitimate email from spam, senders have realized that adopting these updated authentication specifications increase message validity and does play a part in determining inbox placement.

The challenge is that specifications can be complex, and there are several competing standards that are subject to change and different receivers will prefer alternative methods of authentication. PowerMTA’s DKIM Wizard authentication tools make it easy for senders to adopt the latest specifications and ensure on-going compliance.