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Fred Tabsharani
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25 ESPs and MACs added in 2013

P25As 2013 wraps up, we thought we’d share a resonating metric that has become a cornerstone of our growth over the past decade.   This year, we’ve added more than 25 cloud based Email Service Providers and Marketing Automation Companies (MACs) to our network.  In an upcoming post, we’ll outline some interesting facts about Por25 Solutions, including the number of forum members added to our network this year.  That number will surpass 650 deliverability admins and engineers.

We’ve also had  a 74% increase in Evaluation Requests and a 63% adoption rate for our PowerMTA Management Console.   Other numbers included in our annual report shows that 76% of all decision makers for PowerMTA products are deliverability engineers.  The 2013 infographic report will be available on our next IP post in a couple of weeks. Below is a small sampling of Email Service Providers and MACs added this year:

Additionally, from a content perspective, in 2014 you can expect a [New IP Post] on a weekly basis highlighting updates, features and directives that are commonly used to optimize digital messaging delivery along with more specific features you may not have yet discovered.  We’ll continue to provide big picture analysis of the digital messaging landscape and provide our vision regularly as to what you can expect in terms of mergers and acquisitions along with some analysis on valuations directly from our datasets in regards to digital messaging.

The digital messaging space will continue to grow consistently over the next 5 years as an increasing number of cloud-based ESPs and MACs invest in infrastructure, sales and marketing. We’re seeing ESPs and MACs invest as much as 30-40% of top line revenues into the sales and marketing line item, as VCs look for customer acquisitions and an increased number of users on a particular platform.  While profit is a priority, it’s considered less of a priority in the current business cycle.  As the technology solutions provider of choice, we’ll be here to help you sort through the noise.

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