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Fred Tabsharani

By port25admin

Investing in Deliverability Consultants: ANNUITAS

In August,  ANNUITAS acquired email deliverability and Privacy Compliance consulting firm headed by Chris Arrendale, called Get Me In the Inbox.  Here is the release.

ANNUITAS will now blanket all elements related to email deliverability, including privacy compliance and best practices.  Just to scratch the surface, ANNUITAS offerings now include email monitoring and same-day remediation services.  Services such as the latter are more prevalent in today’s digital messaging ecosystem, given how challenging real-time remediation can be with blocklists.  Additionally, ANNUITAS now provides subscriber or contact data validation and list scrubbing services to ensure optimal database health for enterprise B2B and B2C organizations.

“The ever-changing rules and complexities associated with email deliverability and compliance are too difficult for most organizations to manage effectively,” said Carlos Hidalgo, CEO and Principal, ANNUITAS.  “The acquisition of Get Me In The Inbox ensures that ANNUITAS clients have exceptional email deliverability and privacy experts in-house, ready to help them optimize this potentially game-changing portion of their Demand Strategy,” stated Hidalgo.

ANNUITAS will also  assist evaluating privacy policies, mailing infrastructure, IP and domain authentication, sender reputation, bounce and complaint management, list quality and permissions, CAN-SPAM compliance, message content and delivery tracking.  As channeled earlier,  ISP remediation and outreach is a critical component alongside domain specific volume and policy guidelines that pertain with specific ISP updates.  ANNUITAS email deliverability services are available to both B2B and B2C companies, and are structured with the needs of both marketing automation, email service provider clients, and email marketers in mind.  Additional services include but are not limited to: Deliverability Audits, Deliverability Monitoring, IP Warming Plans, Deliverability Dashboards, Monthly Reporting, Quarterly Strategy Sessions, Deliverability Training and more.

There are only a few experts in our industry that possess the knowledge and and expertise that Chris Arrendale and his team have.  Finding them, can sometimes be a challenge.  So if ever you require help navigating towards email deliverability consultants that match your technical requirements, don’t hesitate to ping me anytime here: fred (at)

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