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Fred Tabsharani

By port25admin

PowerMTA Feature: Automatic Back-Off Mode Part I

The blog post is Part 1 of an ongoing series that will discuss one of the most important features in preserving your sender reputation.  We call it, the Automatic Back Off Mode.

Message throttling or rate-limiting is a pioneering feature of PowerMTA™.  Essentially, it controls the amount of email that ISPs receive from a given network. ISPs may limit the amount of email that is allowed through their network because of high spam complaints and/or suspect domains, among numerous other reasons.  These limitations often make it challenging for legitimate email to reach the inbox. PowerMTA™ can easily adapt and control changes in ISP policy at any threshold because of its dynamic feature set. Because PowerMTA™ can adapt to these changes in real-time, users have a better chance to stay off blocklists for domains and receive higher deliverability with faster throughput rates. PowerMTA™ excels in this regard because it can dynamically adjust to any ISP threshold limitations based on configuration.

In upcoming posts will attempt to describe in more detail how this feature will optimize and preserve your sending reputation.  This feature, which is relatively obscure to marketers but well known among email delivery administrators, is most commonly known as Automatic Back-Off Mode. This feature automatically monitors and preserves your IPs during sends by recalibrating or reshaping your email traffic patterns in real-time.  The automatic back-off feature in PowerMTA™ shapes email patterns to dramatically reduce the rate of bounces and, potentially, ISP blocking. It is also known as throttling and we’ll be discussing why it’s one of the most important features for controlling your deliverability.  This feature is standard in PowerMTA™.

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