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Fred Tabsharani

By port25admin

Case Study: Pure360

Port25 has just released its newest Case Study.

It profiles a growing Email Service Provider from the UK.  Pure360.  In it, we expand on the business and technology benefits that helped Pure360 excel after installing PowerMTA.  Below is an excerpt from the Solution Overview section.

Today’s digital messaging environment requires flawless execution of various mission critical email streams. Using PowerMTA’s VirtualMTA technology, Pure360 was in a position to easily provide dedicated IPs for their clients. By doing so, Pure360 was able to swiftly adhere to ReturnPath’s certified sender policies and stringent requirements to maintain high inbox placement rates for its universe of customers. Recognizing the technical limitations of the Exim server cluster which was previously installed at Pure360, PowerMTA enabled Pure360 to consolidate its server cluster, minimizing required hardware and network resources while enabling Pure360 to migrate data and comply with ISP based sending parameters effortlessly, both on a per domain and per VirtualMTA basis.  Download the Pure360 Case Study and see what our esteemed colleague Andy Thrope has to say about PowerMTA.  Enjoy.

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