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Case Study: Pure360

Below is a case study of Email Service Provider Pure360 which specifies some of the Business and Technology benefits PowerMTA in their sending environment:

  • VirtualMTA Technology paves way for ReturnPath Certification
  • Server Consolidation
  • Real-Time Throttling monitors and preserves sending reputation
  • Simplified Data Integration
  • Revolutionized Pure360s Unlimited Email Service Product Solution

Today’s digital messaging environment requires flawless execution of various mission critical email streams.  Using PowerMTA’s VirtualMTA technology, Pure360 was in a position to easily provide dedicated IPs for their clients. By doing so, Pure360 was able to swiftly adhere to ReturnPath’s certified sender policies and stringent requirements to maintain high inbox placement rates for its universe of customers. Recognizing the technical limitations of the Exim server cluster which was previously installed at Pure360, PowerMTA enabled Pure360 to consolidate its server cluster, minimizing required hardware and network resources while enabling Pure360 to migrate data and comply with ISP based sending parameters effortlessly, both on a per domain and per VirtualMTA basis.

As a marketing company and growing Email Service Provider, Pure360 had previously utilized the open source Exim cluster of servers to manage its email sending infrastructure. In that system, the main challenge involved organizing the distribution of emails from various clients across an inordinate amount of servers, in such a way that each server was essentially represented as a single IP address. This method of distribution created a shared sending environment, and a technology disposition that was cumbersome to manage. The open source cluster environment lacked technological attributes needed for today’s digital messaging environment, created the potential for more points of failure, had incongruent points of culling data, and proved both time consuming and cost prohibitive.  

Several factors allowed Pure360 to seamlessly integrate with PowerMTA. Most importantly, PowerMTA integration is easily achievable on most common operating systems. Compatible hardware requirements, coupled with a user friendly interface and optimized out-of-the-box configuration, also helped to create a natural fit between the two. Integration enabled Pure360 to excel in many email delivery tasks, including advanced queue management features and the effortless ability to automatically adapt in real-time to ISP sending policies based on IP reputation requirements. PowerMTA proactively complies, monitors and preserves sending reputations by throttling sends and adhering to ISP “yield” signs routinely. However, according to Pure360, the primary benefit of integration was the ability to manage and merge disparate points of data into one interface. Given that it costs almost nothing to provide each sender with a dedicated IP, this restructuring gave Pure360 the ability to provide its clients with ReturnPath certification, so that Pure360 would maintain high inbox placement rates for each client. More importantly, Pure360 provides a product for high volume email senders, which essentially integrates their PureResponse email marketing solution, installing it on a dedicated cluster of servers for the senders to use in their own environment. For these types of senders, Pure360 offers an “unlimited” product. Below, Andy Thorpe explains how PowerMTA propelled Pure360’s Unlimited Plan.

Quote: Pure360 | Andy Thorpe Deliverability And Compliance Manager
“PowerMTA revolutionized our Unlimited Product; high volume senders can now have Pure360 software and PowerMTA installed on their own hardware. This can be achieved either inside their existing network or somewhere else, and not pay CPM model pricing, the unlimited product only charges for support and upgrades. For high volume senders it is an awesome solution and is so very well complemented by PowerMTA. Not only has it kept the price to the customer down it has also made it easier to manage and educate companies to enable them to take control of their own deliverability because PowerMTA is so easy to use.”  

About Pure360
Pure360 provides the best email and SMS marketing services to customers such as Seatwave, The FT Group, Zoopla and LA Fitness. Pure360 does not tie customers in with a long contracts, instead they maintain the highest customer retention rate of 98.6% by making sure marketers are getting the best possible results from their email marketing campaigns. Members of the DMA, Pure360 have recorded a 10% higher open rate for their customers than the DMA average, leading to higher clicks and conversions than competitor products. You can find the team working to improve over 2,000 marketers email and SMS campaigns, in Brighton, pop in or give them a call 0844 586 0001; Intl:0044-1273-647870 to discuss how they can help you get excellent results from your email & SMS campaigns.

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