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Case Study: Teneo



Enterprise Class SMTP Service Provider Teneo enables clients to integrate their digital messaging infrastructure (both commercial and transactional email) with their MTA backbone, powered by Port25 Solutions.  Teneo is an official ReturnPath certified channel partner that manages sender reputation and delivery control for its clients.  PowerMTA allowed Teneo to expand and extend their SMTP relay services to better accommodate ESPs and digital agencies that need a comprehensive suite of delivery features in order to successfully drive inbox placement in a timely manner.   Teneo effectively manages all email relay services and successfully establishes, monitors, and maintains a high sender reputation for each client by controlling granular delivery parameters.

Business Benefits of Teneo, an Enterprise Class SMTP Relay Service Provider

  • Ability to manage and distinguish Email Reputation for each client
  • Ability to establish internal reputation through feedback from PowerMTA stats
  • Ability to quickly ramp up sending for new clients using pre-warmed IPs


Without a commercial grade MTA for Teneo’s sending environment, gaining clear insight into all the aspects that affect deliverability was a huge challenge.  Deliverability insights help senders to understand why delivery is being affected and what remediation measures should take place.  Another one of Teneo’s distinct challenges was the need to quickly adapt to receiver policies.  Teneo was able to do so by reconfiguring sending parameters in order to meet ISP policies in real-time.

PowerMTA’s feature rich technical capabilities are essential to Teneo’s sending environment.  For example, Teneo’s capacity to assign multiple IPs to one pool and have one client assigned to that pool effectively separates reputation for each client, providing sound reputation management and accountability in sending control.   Additionally as sending issues surfaced (such as a deferred block, or a temporary request from the ISP to slow sends), PowerMTA’s ability to adapt swiftly to receiver policies provided the buffer that Teneo needed.

Individual Client Reputation Management

The foundation of Teneo’s sending infrastructure is based on a few deliverability tenets.  First is that each customer is assigned one or more IPs. Teneo stores these IPs in a database for each unique customer.  Teneo then runs automated scripts daily and checks the IPs against and  Teneo then processes all FBL and stores each ARF message within the database while keeping track of each customer ID.  By keeping track of bounce rates per customer, also in the database, Teneo establishes its own unique reputation “score.” The entire process is driven by the information that PowerMTA provides.

Teneo calculates its own reputation score based on several factors outlined above.  For example, ARF complaints have a higher penalty score than the senderbase reputation, so it is weighted differently.  The weighting of each factor is determined by external feedback and information from PowerMTA stats feature.

It’s challenging to reestablish the reputation of a new IP once it gets on a blocklist.  Combating this issue requires a feature which can define cold IP addresses quickly. Teneo needed two things: to identify cold VirtualMTAs quickly, and to “pre-warm” new IPs efficiently as new customers came on board.  Routing overflow volume to a legacy server during IP Warm-up allowed Teneo to ramp up sending in the fraction of a time it would normally take, thus providing a gateway to handle massive amounts of mail in a resourceful way.  Creating such a gateway can be accomplished by submitting the mails to PowerMTA, and configuring PowerMTA to forward to the old mail server. The route directive is used to implement the forwarding.

Teneo now has unlimited capacity to send mail and manage reputation effortlessly.  Its current volume is about one billion emails annually, but with help from PowerMTA’s features, Teneo is now prepared to easily scale as  more customers come on board.  Bram Van Daele, CEO of Teneo, said it best:

 “Port25’s PowerMTA has enabled us to manage our strong growth curve without losing quality of service.  It has helped Teneo reach its goal to be the SMTP Provider of choice in the Europe region.  One of the main reasons for choosing PowerMTA was its enormous feature set.”

You can download the Case Study here.

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