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Remarks: Configuration and Management of PowerMTA Management Console

Last month Port25 released a scalable software solution called The PowerMTA Management Console.  In this post, we’ll attempt to provide additional background information on the configuration and management solutions available in PowerMTA Managmenet Console.

The PMC communicates securely with the registered v4.0 PowerMTA nodes over SSL, using a proprietary interface for the reading and dissemination of configuration data from the console.  Design flexibility allows for the continued use or toggling between the traditional text based configuration file and the GUI interface in the PMC.

The PMC also has a proprietary and secure interface that allows for the running of key management commands (pause, delete, list, trace, etc…) to one or more than one selected nodes across the network from the central console.  One feature instituted was,  Integrated Interactions, which  further streamlines this process, allowing one to run the most important commands right from within a monitoring page for an attribute being monitored.

Dashboard, Monitoring and Reporting

Detailed and timely queue, delivery and bounce data is available from one central location via the management console. A proprietary interface exists between PowerMTA and the PMC for the collection of real time, on demand data required for the Dashboard and Monitoring pages.

Each registered PowerMTA installation (aka node) creates specialized reporting accounting files, which are completely separate from the regular accounting files that a user would configure and parse. The PMC polls each registered node frequently for these specialized reporting accounting files, and then collects and inserts them into the database.  The raw data is intensively pre-processed and upon completion, is available on demand for the Dashboard, Monitoring and Reporting pages.

For more information on the PowerMTA Management Console, download our updated Whitepaper today.

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