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By port25admin

Email Service Provider CakeMail picks Port25 Solutions, Inc.

Ellicot City, MD–August 25th, 2011  Today, one of Canada’s hottest emerging growth companies, Email Service Provider Cakemail selected Port25 Solutions, Inc., to deploy and manage its growing customer base and digital messaging infrastructure.  CakeMail provides an easy-to-integrate, multilingual, white label email marketing platform to marketing agencies and software companies interested in expanding their service offerings.

Cakemail will deploy v4.0 of PowerMTA, which is the industry’s leading smtp server software that is recognized by the most demanding senders in the digital marketing universe, the ESPs.  Cakemail joins an elite group of ESPs, enterprises and marketing automation companies that heavily rely on  PowerMTA software to meet their delivery performance objectives.

An official press release with delivery and deployment context will be forthcoming.

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