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Email Service Provider Forfront taps PowerMTA for Messaging Infrastructure

ForefrontAugust 22, 2014—Ellicott City, MD- Port25 Solutions, Inc. announced today that Email Service Provider Forfront, based in the UK, has selected PowerMTA™ from Port25 Solutions, Inc., for its digital messaging infrastructure.  Launched in 2001, Forfront’s email marketing solution, e-shot™, has just released their latest version.  The e-shot™ technical team, based in Surrey, collectively possesses over 100 years of development experience and has processed  billions of emails over a 16 year period.  The technical team is also fluent in more than 16 different programming languages.

The central issue driving Forfront’s selection of PowerMTA™ included a need for more flexibility and better performance from their existing MTA appliance.  While there are many challenges involved when using an appliance, the team concluded that bounce log management and fine detail to VirtualMTA configuration settings were required when sending large amounts of email.  Forfront’s email marketing solution, e-shot™, now sends more than 10 million emails per hour using multiple instances of PowerMTA™.

PowerMTA™ also possessed other specific technical features that complemented e-shot™, such as throttling at a domain level.  PowerMTA™ has the ability to distinctively throttle your sending patterns at a domain level.  This granularity allows senders to proactively manage and easily configure high volume sends with ease of use.  One of the most common reasons why ESPs and Enterprises make the switch from other more complex systems, as well as open-source alternatives, is ease of use.  Forfront now achieves high volume sends at a greater rate than ever before.

“With PowerMTA™ in our arsenal, we can reliably send the amount of transmissions our clients expect from a prominent ESP.  Its ease of use and powerful controls help us grow as a company, with the assurance that PowerMTA will keep pace.”

One of the main goals of Port25 Solutions, Inc., is to give clients a voice.  Client input helps us navigate the development process of each release.  Currently at v4.0, PowerMTA’s proficient development team faithfully uses clients’ feedback as a roadmap for perpetual success.  PowerMTA™’s next version is slated for release in early fall of this year.  That version will include an even wider variety of new, advanced, innovative features and functionalities that will allow for even greater elasticity and email delivery control. With its enhanced VirtualMTA rate limiting and the ability to create holding queues for future email release, PowerMTA™ maintains its position at the front of the pack, offering more per email campaign delivery features than any other solution in the marketplace.

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Forfront’s mission is to provide a holistic and cost-effective approach for all digital business challenges, and to offer simple, efficient solutions that address our clients’ evolving marketing demands.

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