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ESP: Pinpointe Delivers “Enterprise Class” Email Messaging with PowerMTA


SANTA CLARA, CA-April 1st, 2012Pinpointe, a prominent Email Service Provider based on the west coast, announced its exclusive integration with PowerMTA™, the flagship Mail Transfer Agent (“MTA”) and leading SMTP Server product from Port25 Solutions, Inc.

Pinpointe helps mid-sized enterprises, digital agencies, and knowledgeable marketers gain better insights through their permission-based email marketing communications.  The company defines “Business Class” email marketing through its best-of-class, carrier-grade technology partners, infrastructure, and features to enhance its rapid growth. Clients experience excellent support and system resiliency from its cloud-based email platform.  Pinpointe’s robust email marketing campaign management includes email campaign creation and scheduling, advanced email tracking, reporting segmentation, auto responders, split testing and more.

After an extensive evaluation and comparison of multiple MTA solutions, Pinpointe consolidated its email delivery infrastructure on Port25’s PowerMTA™ platform, the dominant MTA among ESPs worldwide that are considered demanding senders.  Pinpointe notes these following reasons for the selection:

Rich SMTP Server Feature Set

PowerMTA includes a robust feature set, capable of aggressively scaling as needed.  This has helped Pinpointe maximize email deliverability.  Features such as queue prioritization and automated back-off mode, or adaptive delivery, ensure that messages sent to your most valuable subscribers are prioritized and help to preserve your IP reputation through ISP real-time alerts.  VirtualMTA technology allows effortless management of your email streams, giving Pinpointe granular visibility into queue sizes for each installed node.  DKIM signing capability, both on a per-recipient basis and over a shared IP address, has also allowed PinPointe to help its customer base maintain delivery standards applicable for ISPs. Additionally, PowerMTA provides remote bounce and feedback loop parsing among its features.

Monitoring and Reporting

The PowerMTA Management Console is an enterprise software solution that offers a sleek, web based interface to one (or more) PowerMTA installations, all while scaling effortlessly to your needs.  The dashboard in the PowerMTA Management Console provides a central window into essential, real-time, top level delivery and bounce information.  The dashboard covers both monitoring and short-term reporting data across selected PowerMTA instances.  The web based configuration simplifies operations, making all of the high-end features and options more accessible.  PowerMTA provides extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities, which help Pinpointe ensure that the email delivery infrastructure is performing optimally.  Proactive reporting allows Pinpointe to take corrective action if the MTA encounters deferral/blocking issues.


 Craig Stouffer of Pinpointe had this to say about his company’s collaboration with Port25:

“Quite simply, Port25 rocks.  It’s the best price for performance, feature-rich, carrier-grade MTA software available anywhere, at any price.  Business customers depend on Pinpointe’s cloud-based email services for robust email deliverability and system uptime.  Port25 is a true ‘Carrier Grade’ MTA – it doesn’t fail.  PowerMTA also helps us ensure maximum email deliverability. Robust IP address management, automated per-domain back-off modes, flexible DKIM key management options and having the ability to fine tune communication settings on a per-domain basis are a few of the advanced features that help us to maximize deliverability for customers.”

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