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Fred Tabsharani

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ESPs: Close more sales with PowerMTA. Here’s How

These days, ESPs are facing increasing demands from their customers.  More and more, marketers require feature-rich and sophisticated applications for delivering mail to the inbox.

Marketers, who are becoming increasingly savvy about deliverability, are learning about the advantages of commercial grade MTAs, which allow for more intelligent tools to get mail delivered faster and to the inbox. While RFPs are littered with questions about the different aspects of deliverability, it’s up to your sales organizations to respond and reassure marketers about your organization’s deliverability infrastructure.  In this blog post, I’ll outline three specific reasons that you can pass on to your sales organization to help fill your pipeline and close more deals.  If you need additional resources for your sales team, just ping me.

Industry Gold and Uptime

First, PowerMTA™ is a one-of-a-kind technology partner among ESPs worldwide.  It is considered the gold standard for email delivery infrastructure, dominating the ESP market with more than 70% of ESPs utilizing our legendary application to power emails.   Furthermore PowerMTA is chosen by two out of three system administrators worldwide, due in part to its low latency and amazing uptime concentrations.

Server uptime is when the servers are up and running properly.  It is the most critical aspect of sending digital messages.  Maintaining server uptime requires continuous monitoring and management by server administrators of the PMTA application.  Server uptime depends on email data being readily available to administrators—email data that allows them to foresee potential blocks, ISP throttling and junking.  Server uptime tools deliver vital data about hardware and operating system performance in to administrators in real time, alerting them when delivery issues occur.

Early this week we surveyed PowerMTA users and asked, “How many days since you’ve last restarted PowerMTA™?  The average response time was 284 days.  Letting your customers know that PowerMTA will adapt and be reliable during the most strenuous of circumstances (the busy holiday period, for example) will go a long way in helping you close a higher percentage of deals.

Queue Priority and Insight Into Deliverability

Increasing queue sizes signify a healthy economic indicator for our industry; however, some senders not using PowerMTA are challenged daily by how much time a massive queue will take to complete processing.  The increase in queue sizes makes delivering “time sensitive” emails more challenging when using open-source software, and possible congestion due to temporary blocks or deferrals by ISPs only compound the problem.

Effective queuing is closely intertwined with the choice of messaging infrastructure. When using an advanced messaging platform like PowerMTA, companies can efficiently manage parallel queues, which are dispensed and prioritized into multiple streams to ensure that each stream flows at an optimal rate, (what the ISP allows) and providing enhanced delivery of all classes of traffic. Queue Prioritization, a more advanced feature, allows clients to indicate a “priority” in the message header. These priority levels affect when a message is sent to a given recipient (or set of recipients). In other words, certain segments of a sender’s list may receive preferential treatment, paving the way for your most valued subscribers to receive the email first.

Email Authentication Pioneers

Sender authentication standards are a critical aspect of this generation of email.  To ensure maximum delivery and to help separate legitimate email from fraud, senders should adopt the latest authentication specs, such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC.  As most ISPs continue to embrace these authentication standards, it’s important for enterprise senders to comply with the same standards and protect consumer mailboxes and brands.  PowerMTA’s authentication tools make it easy for senders to adopt the latest specifications and ensure on-going compliance.  In 2004, Port25 Solutions, Inc. was the first company to announce support for Yahoo’s DomainKeys and Microsoft’s Sender ID.  Since then, we have led the way with critical innovations, striving to deliver the latest authentication tools and standards to our loyal—and vocal—customer base.

There are hundreds of more features in PowerMTA that you could share with your sales group as a learning experience including case studies and Whitepapers. Examine them on our Slideshare page. 

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