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Fred Tabsharani

By port25admin

In the wake of Gmail, what makes PowerMTA so special?

P25In the wake of Gmail’s delivery delays this morning, I thought I’d write this quick post.

This question often comes up often at events.  What makes Port25 so special? Is it our integration with over 70% of the worlds leading ESPs? Is it the depth and knowledge of our support staff, considered by many as the best in the industry?  Is it our “deliverability” forum, comprised of over 1500 email delivery professionals?  Is it our robust proprietary PowerMTA software built from the ground up with a vision to support big data?  Is it our newest product the PowerMTA Management Console, considered the only one of it’s kind in our industry?  Is it the tireless development team, that embraces and implements feedback at a maddening pace?  Is it the rabid fans of our product, both domestic and global?

The intent for this post is not to share with you how useful our product is or can be, that has been well documented and proven. My goal is to share with you that high performance digital messaging infrastructure requires all of the above, but the most important issue is reliability.

Just like a well oiled marketing machine, that uses 20 different marketing channels (Sony uses 30), digital messaging infrastructure can’t afford to break.  Delayed emails today by Gmail is only one example, which affected nearly 2% of it’s user base.  That’s alot of customers that were affected,  but moreover, that is alot of email, whereby many of those emails were potentially important/confirmation/payment/invoice related emails that never reached the inbox in time.  When that happens, business stops.

Today was a simple yet profound reminder of how much we depend on email, and moreover how much we depend on the outbound infrastructure to make that email land in the inbox.

Sure we have thousands of clients.  All of these clients “depend” on PowerMTAs infrastructure to deliver emails in a “timely” manner to the desired inbox.  Clients depend on us, and, more importantly their subscribers depend on us.  Today’s Gmail outage, wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to digital messaging, but it is an important reminder that utilizing proven and trusted resources like PowerMTA will diminish or mitigate potential messaging disasters in the future.


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