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Fred Tabsharani

By port25admin

Indicators of a poor list: Role based accounts to discard

Experienced PowerMTA admins understand the importance of a clean list and discarding certain role based accounts from your list is just the beginning.

As an initial resource and in an effort to improve compliance for all of our PMTA admins we’ll begin to start building a resource of domains and role addresses in order for you to better detect low quality clients during the onboarding process.  Discarding these addresses before will mitigate your chances of destroying your sending reputation-whereby an interruption in service will ensue.  To start off, here are a few role based email accounts you should consider dropping after a scan for campaign based clients, as they are indicators of a poor list:

  • admin@
  • abuse@
  • Postmaster@
  • noc@
  • root@
  • sysadmin@
  • compliance@
  • registrar@
  • support@
  • spam@
  • hostmaster@
  • info@
  • help@
  • jobs@
  • press@
  • all@
  • billing@
  • devnull@
  • dns@
  • everyone@
  • feedback@
  • ftp@
  • inoc@
  • inquiries@
  • investorrelations@
  • ispfeedback@
  • ispsupport@
  • list-request@
  • list@
  • maildaemon@
  • marketing@
  • news@
  • nobody@
  • null@
  • phish@
  • phishing@
  • privacy@
  • sales@
  • security@
  • service@
  • subscribe@
  • tech@
  • trouble@
  • undisclosed-recipients@
  • unsubscribe@
  • usenet@
  • uucp@
  • webmaster@
  • www@

Two additional items perhaps worthy of consideration:

1. Be careful not to delete seed accounts from local domains. From time to time our internal monitors will use addresses such as postmaster@ to measure delivery speed or evaluate rendering.

2. Some domains maybe worth mention in this discussion. Obviously mobile domains listed in the FTC list require special attention, but also some group based accounts should be monitored. A single message to yahoo or egroups can generate many unsubscribe requests. These group based accounts can create some management challenges that deserve regular review if they are part of the mix.   This blog post was inspired by a few members in our support forum including David Bronson and Neil Schwartzman who helped update this list of role accounts to discard from the senders BCP from MAAWG.

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