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Inside Port25’s new WebUI

PowerMTA v4.0 Command Center

PowerMTA™ v4.0 is a major new release of PowerMTA™ software, which has not been officially announced yet.

It follows the previous v3.5 release and includes a wide variety of new advanced features and functionalities that allow for greater flexibility and delivery control, to help maximize overall performance and deliverability.

One of the main features in v4.0 is a sleek new graphical user interface, which is sold seperately.  The Centralized WebUI is a management console (command center) for reporting, monitoring and configuring multiple PowerMTA™ servers.  The interface features four main navigation tabs, Dashboard, Monitoring, Reputation and Configuration.  From this command center, you can manage numerous instances of PowerMTA™ from a single interface. By configuring and distributing the workload across multiple instances of PowerMTA™, and applying configuration settings from a single interface, you simplify operations to the entire node grouping concurrently. By distributing performance statistics, you can efficiently identify threats, dynamic blocks from ISPs and enhance platform reliability. This type of enhanced management enables PowerMTA™ to instantly respond and throttle deliveries upon detection of ISP based policies to mitigate delivery issues.

Versions of PowerMTA™  that are compatible with the new WebUI are v4.0 and later.

Ability to Monitor, Report, and Configure from the Command Center

Previous to PowerMTA™ 4.0 (screenshots here) the web monitor ran as the same process as the SMTP service. This has now been separated into its own process. This allows for better management of resources and the ability to access information about the SMTP server even when the SMTP service is not started.

Data Management and Collection

The WebUI collects specialized accounting files from PowerMTA™ and pulls them into the database for pre-processing.  During this time many of the reports are pre-computed to allow for faster access from the web interface.  The communication to and from PowerMTA™ is done over SSL using the configured PowerMTA™  web monitor port. Depending on the amount of data each node is feeding into PowerMTA™, and the hardware available to the WebUI, assuming each node is processing 1M messages per hour, approximately 10 nodes can be registered at any given time.

How many records can the database hold?  Currently the limit is based more on the limits of a given server than any artificial limitations in the software. That being said, the database should scale on sufficient hardware to well over 100 million records.

Upgrading over an existing install will not erase any data.  There may be times however, where an existing install may need to be completely removed due to database incompatibilities.   If there is a requirement to save the data for archival purposes, the accounting files have the same data as in the database and can be archived during the use of the PowerMTA™ .

User Roles

In the new WebUI, there are currently two new user roles, admin and user.  Admin allows for accessing all of the pages and features in the WEbUI, including the ability to add and remove other users.  A user with a role of “admin” can access the following:

  • Dashboard
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Configuration
  • PowerMTA™  Management Tool
  • User Management Tool
  • Commands Page
  • Support Page

The “User” has limitations to access certain features and responsibilities in the WebUI. The  role of a “User” can only access the following:

  • Dashboard
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Support page



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