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PowerMTA Efficiency: Manage Sending Configurations based on your Data

PowerMTA, advanced SMTP server,  has an extensive list of configuration directives that you can leverge, which makes utilizing our performance based software versatile in any sending environment.

For some, this can be rather daunting  since copying settings from other sources would seem like a logical and quick solution.  However, this short term fix might be overkill and perhaps provide more harm than good, by configuring settings that are not necessarily applicable to your sending environment.  We believe the best approach is to keep settings as simple as possible, and add settings that you understand and are conducive to your messaging environment.

Senders in the US require a different configuration than senders in Europe and Australia for example.  Furthermore, the settings often depend on sheer volume, the type of emails being sent, the management and configuration of VirtualMTAs all in accordance with the reputation of corresponding IPs.   The clue for efficient sends is that you have the ability to mine valuable data from PowerMTA’s accounting files to determine which domains are resonating best by receivers and which are being diverted or temporary blocked.

For example, by looking at the bounce reports, you could determine which errors should trigger the backoff mode.

Don’t Waste resources on invalid email domains 

Keep your lists clean! If the local part of an email address does not exist, you often get a polite error message from the ISP.  However, if the domain is not valid, you might run into repetitive errors such as failed DNS lookups, non-responsive servers, or servers that refuse to relay for the domain.

PowerMTA should be configured not to waste resources on these domains, and focus on delivery of valid domains. For example, use a rather low max-smtp-out for default domains, and increase this for important valid domains.  A setting of 20 is enough to send millions per hour, and completely over the top for many domains.  Furthermore, you can instruct PowerMTA to bounce mails if a MX record is missing.  Invalid domains caused by typos often have an  A record without a proper mail server, causing these domains to stay in the queue until they timeout. You can also use a domain macro combined with blackholing to drop mails known discontinued domains or domains with anonymous discardable accounts.


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