Mourning the loss of JD Falk, an Industry Icon | Port25 Solutions, Inc.

By Fred Tabsharani

Mourning the loss of JD Falk, an Industry Icon

Most everyone who knew JD Falk, appreciated his knowledge of the Email  Deliverability space and just as importantly his comforting and ever-peaceful presence.  Internally here at Port25, we’re greatly saddened by his loss.  His contributions at several important organizations in our space will be preserved.  His thought leadership and persistent yet, vocal anti-marketing rhetoric, while in jest, was clearly intuitive.  We all learned a great deal from JD, in the short time he was with us.  Can you imagine what an influence he would have been if he were here just a bit longer.  I will forever miss his soft spoken demeanor, outside of MAAWG forums of course…

Here is more on JD from CircleID. 


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