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New Case Study Primer: Emergency Responders rely on PowerMTA for digital messaging Infrastructure

Upcoming in the next week or so, Port25 Solutions will release a compelling case study on how many of the nations emergency response units including The Department of Homeland Security judiciously rely on PowerMTA to deliver billions of digital transmissions annually. Below is an overview of what to expect in the Case Study.

eAlert from MIS Sciences is the nation’s leading emergency notification system, with clients ranging from several 911 emergency operations centers to the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and Defense. The company recently required a more reliable SMTP server solution in order to continue meeting its clients’ complex sending requirements.  After a thorough evaluation,  eAlert chose Port25 Solutions, Inc.’s PowerMTA™  as its SMTP server software of choice

The selection was key in helping eAlert carry out its mission to deliver billions of high-priority and time-sensitive emergency alerts annually.  The system is relied upon by various emergency agencies and transit authorities for immediate notification of an emergency situation.

eAlert needed highly intelligent and flexible software that could deliver an extremely high volume of urgent alerts without compromising performance objectives of its clients’ explicit needs. This software also needed the ability to integrate into the original system without disrupting already built-in alert communications.

PowerMTA’s sophisticated VirtualMTA Dashboard and technology enabled eAlert to deliver immediate notifications to one client’s millions of subscribers, while also processing millions of messages for each of the other clients simultaneously.

PowerMTA’s innovative email authentication tools, including DKIM verification, ensured that eAlert’s notifications would have a higher propensity of reaching the end users inbox.

PowerMTA was the only software with the functionality and innovative technology features to meet the needs of MIS Sciences’ eAlert system’s needs. With user-friendly APIs, the VirtualMTA dashboard and proven email authentication tools, the PowerMTA SMTP server software is a perfect fit for eAlert.


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