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Overview: Messaging for Enterprises

Messaging for Enterprises in today’s Market

Port25 Solutions, Inc.,  serves a very large enterprise market.  Since 1999 we have been the product of choice for leading brands that require highly reliable digital messaging infrastructure. Port25 serves thousands of enterprises in dozens of different verticals and “use cases.”   Whether your need is to manage mail streams more effectively, or use our powerful infrastructure to send large volumes of mail as alerts or time sensitive campaigns, we’re here to help.  We predict that while many organizations will continue moving to cloud-based IT infrastructures, demand for migrating certain components of the messaging infrastructure to the cloud will be tempered as a result of numerous security and compliance risks, causing many to opt for an in-house solution.

Driven by stronger corporate security policies, the need to provide confidentiality of sensitive information being exchanged is increasing, and driving demand for secure messaging solutions is on the rise.  Automated and policy-driven messaging, combined with rock-solid architecture will prove to be critical elements for organizations looking to reduce dependence on third party platforms.

These developing trends with increasing enterprise customer requirements, Port25 is helping enterprises replace costly, stand-alone, single-purpose point solutions, and modernize their core messaging infrastructures on the PowerMTA software platform. With this strategy and messaging infrastructure platform and solutions in place, Port25 has already provided many cost-conscious IT organizations the ability to simplify their enterprise messaging needs. As a result, Port25 expects more companies to continue to select PowerMTA in the coming years and give each enterprise a “voice” for innovation to help them further reduce total cost of ownership and increase efficiencies within their messaging infrastructures.

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