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Port25 Solutions, Inc. Eclipses 125 Email Service Provider Mark

Ellicott City, MD, March 28, 2011 — Leading Email delivery solution provider Port25 Solutions, Inc. announced today that it has reached a significant milestone; there are now 125 different Email Service Providers deploying its PowerMTA™ software for their business. While this achievement is remarkable for Port25, equally deserving of accolades are the ESPs themselves, who, through word-of-mouth, have undoubtedly helped to achieve such a distinguished honor. Given their daily email volumes and the countless number of customers serviced, Email Service Providers are really the lifeblood of the digital messaging hierarchy.

“Email Service Providers are the most demanding senders in the digital marketing industry as they are often contractually bound to meet stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for delivering end-customer email campaigns. Therefore, the technology employed must be extremely fast, quite sophisticated from a multi-email stream control perspective and, of course, highly insightful in terms of providing real-time deliverability status analytics,” said Russell Fletcher, Port25 Solutions’ VP of Sales. “Email delivery is paramount to their business, and for most, email services are their primary source of revenue. We are quite proud, yet humbled, that the overwhelming majority of leading ESPs worldwide have put their trust in Port25, basing their businesses around our special email delivery technology.”

ESPs are also challenged with navigating an increasingly complex delivery solution landscape, given that other email solution providers actively offer a competitive proprietary campaign management application as well. With Port25 and its flagship PowerMTA™ server software, ESPs find a true partner — one able to easily meet their unique solution requirements, while also being flexible enough to shrinkwrap around existing infrastructure with zero competitive concerns. PowerMTA™ allows companies to leverage their existing infrastructure investment vs. replacing with complex offerings, providing full benefits of a specialized solution but with a much lower total cost of ownership.

Since its inception in 1999, Port25 Solutions has understood the level of reliability and functionality that ESPs require, allowing them to stay one step ahead of their competition. Port25 was one of the first to openly embrace the various email authentication initiatives, and has also been first to market over the years with various features and functionalities that others have tried to emulate today, including advanced email stream segmentation, integrated “IP warm-up,” and dynamic connection and delivery controls which adapt in real time.

Port25’s upcoming v4.0 release clearly continues this innovative tradition.

Today, enterprises and ESPs alike clearly recognize the value proposition that Port25 offers, making it the preferred solution in dozens of countries, with thousands of installations worldwide.

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Port25 Solutions, Inc. provides specialized email infrastructure software, with products that address the increasingly unique demands of client communications and email marketing applications. PowerMTA™, Port25’s flagship product, provides senders with superior performance and advanced features to proactively manage their sender reputations. Port25’s global footprint includes 66% of the leading Email Service Providers, as published by Forrester, and enterprise level clients such as ExactTarget, EmailVision, Responsys, SilverPop, Lyris, ClickSquared, and the New York Times. Port25 is a member of the Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC) and MAAWG. Founded in 1999, Port25’s mission is to help realize the potential of email as a platform for legitimate and effective customer communications. Visit http://www.port25.com for a fully featured product evaluation.

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