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PowerMTA Data Visualization and Monitoring from Cockpito

One of our technology partners Oempro has developed a monitoring application and data visualization tool that is rock solid and does not interfere with the new PowerMTA Management Console of Port25.  It’s called Cockpito.  Below is an overview of how it works which can be utilized in a variety of use cases and applications.

UDP Protocol

With PowerMTA’s highly flexible <acct-file> file, Cockpito can collect and monitor any kind of metric from PowerMTA and then send them to Cockpito with the UDP protocol.  Cockpito uses the lightweight UDP protocol to listen for incoming data.  Metrics data is sent from your apps to Cockpito’s server via UDP protocol which mitigates delays or load on your server resources.  In this way, you are able to monitor and visualize successful deliveries, transient errors, bounce detections in all bounce categories, spam complaints, and even PowerMTA queue sizes (grouped by recipient email domain, etc.)

In the era of big data, Cockpito is a light weight easy to use data monitoring and visualization tool that assists with any detailed data you choose to pull from PowerMTA or any other application.  It is designed to handle heavy-weight usage and is compatible with mobile devices.  You have the ability set your own tracking events when sending tracking data to Cockpito.  For example, you may want to know how many logins, login failures, password resets being processed on your website or web app?    Another example is the ability to visualize events in forum posts over time.  This tool allows you to track any type of event on your site easily.  Below are a couple of useful links for your continued research.

Cockpito User Guide.

Online Demo

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