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PowerMTA™ Delivers Super Performance

The satisfaction and loyalty of our clients is a source of pride for Port25. Since 1999 we have helped leading email service providers, top brands and corporations overcome the challenge of reliable email marketing and communication on-premise and in the cloud. PowerMTA™ delivers exceptional performance.

”Port25 Solutions has once again demonstrated their responsiveness to market needs and customer requests. We’re sending business-critical messages around-the-clock on behalf of hundreds of clients, and it’s important that these emails to get to recipients quickly and efficiently. Port25 has shown their commitment to helping us accomplish that”

“Having recently switched to PowerMTA™ from a competing commercial MTA, I’ve been impressed with PowerMTA™’s performance, ease of integration and reliability. The powerful VirtualMTA configurations help our company protect our customers’ sending reputations, and Port25’s knowledgeable support staff continue to exceed my expectations.”

“When we decided to build our Launchpad marketing technology, the email aspect of the platform was our priority. We researched various commercial and open-­source MTAs on the market and selected PowerMTA™ for its lightweight code, ease of integration, flexible configuration, IP-­based sending control and VirtualMTA technology.”

“Being in Australia, more than 10,000 miles away from Port25, has not changed our respect and reliance on its MTA applications. Our clients are the largest and most sophisticated email users in Australia and they demand on-time, on-demand, business-critical email services. After nearly 10 years and many billions of messages, the eservices email platforms, together with PowerMTA™ and Port25, have ensured our clients’ demands are met. We could not be happier with the performance and reliability of the application.”

“Port25 enabled SlideShare to launch and run its email infrastructure without hiccups, and without spending a lot of money. They’re a great company to work with.”

“I’m incredibly pleased with the scalability and throughput of PowerMTA™. It’s taken everything we’ve thrown at it (which has brought other MTA software to its knees), and still has room for more.”

“We highly recommend using a commercial MTA product to effectively manage multiple IPs/domains, error correction/handling and to have the best connection/sending to ISPs. We use PowerMTA™ from Port25, and its an incredible product and serves out lots of email. Why should you use a commercial product? Because things will break (or you’ll break something), and you’ll need someone smart enough to fix the disaster when things don’t come back up like they should. Other benefits of using a commercial product are that they understand what you want to do with their product, and they’ll help you with configurations and maintenance.”

PowerMTA™ was ready to run out of the box. The ease of configuring a VirtualMTA for each client and their unique attributes made deployment very simple.”

“At Postmark, our goal is to simplify transactional email and ensure those important emails get to the inbox for web applications. With incredible performance and real time monitoring of each ISP, PowerMTA™ has allowed us to scale sending and instantly handle delivery problems to maintain a great reputation. It’s a core part our business.”

“PowerMTA™’s delivery infrastructure, combined with ExactTarget’s one-to-one integrated solution allows our customers to optimize their marketing program. Port25 allows us to focus on enhancing our product line and help our customers succeed in their email efforts”

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